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It seems hard to believe that nearly six months have passed since the Toronto launch of The Tao of Liberation: Exploring the Ecology of Transformation. Many thanks to all of those who have supported the work of Leonardo Boff and I by sharing the book with others. (For those who weren't present, you might be interested in the reflection Leonardo Boff sent on the occasion of the launch.)

Leonardo and I have recently learned that the book has won the 2010 Nautilus Gold Medal in the category of Cosmology/New Science. The Nautilus Book Awards were established in the year 2000 to honour and celebrate print and audio books of exceptional merit that make a literary and heartfelt contribution to spiritual growth, conscious living, high-level wellness, green values, responsible leadership and positive social change, as well as to the worlds of art, creativity and inspiration. Find out more about the award here.

Leonardo and I are also finalising negotiations around the translation of the book into Portuguese, Spanish, and German. Discussions are also underway for Italian and French translations.

Mark Hathaway, co-author

2010 Gold Medal Winner


Nautilus Gold Medal


Nautilus Book Award for Cosmology / New Science

The gold medal winners will be posted on the Nautilus site on May 26.

Join Mark Hathaway May 24 for the Tikkun Forum

You are invited to join Mark Hathaway on the Tikkun Magazine phone forum (almost like a radio call-in show, but over the phone!) on Monday, May 24 at 9 PM Eastern/6 PM Pacific time on the topic "Spirituality in a Time of Crisis". Just call in toll free at 1 888 346 3950 and enter code 11978. The forums normally last about an hour and there is an opportunity to ask questions after a short interview by Tikkun. Find out more here.

The forum will be based on an article Mark wrote for the May/June issue of Tikkun, a US-based magazine published by an international, multi-faith community calling for social justice and political freedom in the context of new structures of work, caring communities, and democratic social-economic processes.

An extended article giving an overview of many of the themes contained in The Tao of Liberation, including some of the material included in the Tikkun article is also available on the book website: See Seeking Wisdom - An Overview of The Tao of Liberation.



May/June '10

» Read Mark Hathaway's article: "Spirituality in a Time of Crisis" in Tikkun

Book Events with Mark Hathaway

Besides for the launch last November, there have been a number of book-related events over the past few months.

In March, Mark was a guest lecturer for a graduate course at the University of Toronto on Cosmologies and Worldviews taught by Stephen Scharper.

In April, Mark gave a book talk focused on cosmologies and social action during a session Wisdom University taught near Toronto. He also participated in an evening forum with Neil Douglas-Klotz and Bruce Chilton on "Cosmology and Ecology: Looking Back, Looking Ahead."

Mark also participated as the lead speaker for an event based on The Tao of Liberation at the Jesuit Forum here in Toronto focused on the topic "Finally, is it a wisdom problem? Closing the gap between global change and political will."

In June, Mark will be giving a workshop on "Four Paths to Liberation" at a United Church of Canada event in Toronto. In October, he will co-facilitate a workshop on "Working for Change: Insights from Cosmologies, Worldviews, and Spirituality" together with former United Church Moderator Stan McKay (a member of the Fisher River First Nation) at the Turn! event in Pinawa, Manitoba.

Next year, major events planned include a four-day retreat in Saskatoon from June 23-26, 2011. Mark will also be doing a weekend retreat at Loyola House in Guelph, Ontario on the weekend of April 29-May 1. Several other events are being discussed, but themes for these are still being finalised. Stay tuned for more news!



Download a brochure describing Mark Hathaway's work giving courses, retreats, and workshops related to The Tao of Liberation.

» See also a copy of the book flyer

New Reviews and Endorsements

The Earth Charter Initiative: "Outstanding New Book"

"The Tao of Liberation skillfully combines social, political, economic, ecological, emotional, and spiritual approaches of the current crises rooted in unsustainability of global capitalism, which has resulted in rising social inequality, exclusion, a collapse of democracy, deterioration of the environment, and growing poverty." More...

Midwest Book Review

"A unique book that blends spirituality, environmentalism, and other elements, Mark Hathaway and Leonardo Boff do well in providing much in the way of their philosophy and ideas for a better Earth tomorrow. The Tao of Liberation is well worth the read for spiritual environmentalists who want to get things done. More...

Diarmuid O'Murchu, author of Quantum Theology

"The Tao of Liberation is a magnificent read and a marvellously inspiring achievement. The book is a creative synthesis which spans the inherited wisdom of both East and West, courageously transcending all the inherited dualisms of the sacred versus the secular."

Miguel d’Escoto, former president (2008-9) of the UN General Assembly

"The Tao of Liberation is a magnificent and timely book, the kind we most need to read in these times of multiple, human-made converging crises. It will no doubt be very important in helping us to develop support for the Universal Declaration on the Common Good of the Earth and of Humanity."

"Outstanding New Book"

Earth Charter

Reviews by the Earth Charter Initiative, Midwest Book Review, and more....

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About the book

Today, humanity stands at an historic crossroads. Deepening poverty and accelerating ecological destruction challenge us to act with wisdom and maturity: How can we move toward a future where meaning, hope, and beauty can truly flourish?

Drawing on insights from economics, psychology, science, and spirituality, The Tao of Liberation seeks wisdom leading to authentic liberation ‑ a path toward ever-greater communion, diversity, and creativity for the Earth community. It describes this wisdom using the Chinese word Tao ‑ both a way leading to harmony and the unfolding process of the cosmos itself.

“A path-breaking book. . . which will surely become an enduring classic.”— Brian Swimme, author, The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos

“A wealth of ideas and deep insights about the fundamental shift in human consciousness and the radical transformations in our world that are now required.”—Fritjof Capra, author, The Tao of Physics

“A sweeping, comprehensive and poetic manifesto of social and ecological change…. An interspiritual tour de force!” — Neil Douglas-Klotz, author, Prayers of the Cosmos

“Boff and Hathaway give birth to a great marriage between liberation theology and creation spirituality….”  — Matthew Fox, author, Original Blessing

“A monumental contribution toward tackling the global crisis.” — David Hallman, Advisor-WCC Climate Change Programme

“I love this book... Together, Boff and Hathaway have written a transcendent work of eco-liberation and planetary survival.” – Elizabeth May, O.C., Leader, Green Party of Canada

“This is a masterful and important work.” — Mary Evelyn Tucker, Co-Director-Forum on Religion & Ecology, Yale

Mark Hathaway is an adult educator who researches and writes about the interconnections between ecology, economics, social justice, spirituality, and cosmology. He has extensive experience in ecumenical eco-justice work and has studied mathematics, physics, spirituality, and transformative education. He currently lives in Toronto.

Leonardo Boff is Brazil’s best-known theologian, author of more than sixty books on liberation theology, ecology, and spirituality including Ecology and Liberation and Cry of the Earth, Cry of the Poor. In 2001 he received the prestigious Right Livelihood Award. He currently lives in Petropolis, Brazil.

» More information on the authors is available here.

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